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Security & Surveillance

Emergency Communication:
At a time of crisis, people don't reach for a computer, they are image driven and they are voice driven. They call out, they listen, and they start to talk. That is the underlying driver of Zenitel's business – voice. After all, voice contact between people has been the most important form of communication since the origin of mankind.

We are India partners for Zenitel. The world’s latest technology solution is based on STENTOFON AlphaCom E over IP. Stentofon is developed on CCoIP® , the employment of Voice over IP and applications required in critical situations, but taking it a step further to bring new IP services, applications and capabilities to the customer. In doing so, AlphaCom E is the first professional communication and security system providing CCoIP. Not only are the reliability issues of IP solved, but also something extra is created – Zenitel provides open standards, interoperability between systems and the possibility of sharing resources.

CCTV & IP Cameras:
As more and more areas of activity are faced with an increasing threat to security of assets, people and systems, today’s security needs have become more demanding. CCTV & IP cameras are considered the most effective method of increasing the security. CCTV Remote monitoring and recording facilities deliver effective site security and in most cases act as a deterrent security tool.

Access Control And Attendance Management Solution:
The Access cards function to control door access and to record time and attendance activity of employees, suitable for every office, factories and in places where there is a very high traffic.

Biometric Solutions:
Biometrics technology is now widely accepted worldwide as the only means available for verification / authentication of an individual’s identity – be it fingerprints, hand geometry, face / iris / or voice recognition.

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